About Us

Who we are?

Samina for Importing and Commercial Agencies (SAMINA Stores) was established in 1990 as a commercial company with the aim of presenting high-valued products to the Egyptian market, which means high quality with good price products. Besides, we targeted to share in the improvement of the service level presented to the Egyptian customer. In order to fulfill this, we put a standard level for the presented service so as not to be less than that in any other country. Thanks God, SAMINA Stores now have become an ideal example, in its field, to be compared with to whom who wants to present the best to his customers. Beyond 23 years, we worked on achieving our objectives with utmost effort and continuous work. Within we spared no money, labor, or time, to complete this great image.about0

So from the first day, we decided to work on obtaining our customer’s satisfaction. And also achieving staff’s satisfaction, which shows our belief in the importance of the human element which will reflect positively on offering the best services.

From this point of view, we’ve been keen to reach our customers wherever they are, so we established our first Store in Maadi in 1999. Maadi Store gave a great opportunity to us to make good relations with a lot of customer inside and outside Maadi.

And that what turned our vision to serve our customers effectively in a lot of districts such as New Cairo and Nasr City. So, we opened our first store in the 4th District in New Cairo in 2003. New Cairo Store is discriminated by a unique style and offers the service of the Colour Consultant. Then we opened Enaba Store in Enaba Mall in the 3th district, New Cairo in 2008. Thus, we have existed in a strong market among a lot of competitors. And thus our costumer can compare and discover where to find the best service.

In 2010, we’ve got a new strong member with the opening of Nasr City Store. And due to the increasing need, we opened the Chemical Store, in 2012, specialized in construction chemicals and waterproofing materials.

All these stores have got great trained sales staff, strong show abilities for customers and a variety of products in the field of painting, décor and construction chemicals. And we are planning to open more stores in other places, inside and outside Cairo, in order to be able to serve our dear costumers everywhere.

For the areas that aren’t covered by our stores, we’ve established the outdoor sales department, in 2011. Now, we have the ability to reach to the customers freely, easily, and faster. Outdoor sales department has the same advantages that are available in our stores with the same capability.

From the beginning, our belief has been always “Service in Good Faith”

Managing Team

Eng. Emad Loucka


Eng.Hany Loucka


Eng. Amir Gamal

General Manager

Products and Services

All of our branches have well-trained staff that will help you with our products that we provide. Also, we have a wide variety of products that meet the needs of our customers and those who are in the field of construction. We provide not only a variety of color swatches in the paint area, but we also provide almost all the things you need to finish your house the way you’ve imagined it.

We have starting from a wide variety of wallpapers to HDF floors, as well as, an entire section dedicated to your little bundles of joy that gives you a great selection to help you decorate their rooms to their liking and it’s also very safe for them. Also, we have a selection of elements that will help you decorate your house the way you want it, alongside the tools need to get the job done.

Yes, with us you can buy all you need and everything else that will help you get it done because if you are on a budget or you are just into handy work we provide you with our expertise to guide through a Do it Yourself  guide. So, don’t worry about finishing your house with us you’ll get the job done yourself or through someone else.

What do we guarantee?

We guarantee customer satisfaction through a long process when it comes to making our client happy. First, All of our branches have well-trained staff that will help you with our products that we provide. Second, by having branches that cover most areas in Egypt which facilitates in reaching our customers and them to find us easily.